Our Mission At Bright World Connections.

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Our Story

Our Story

Sandy and Kenyani are two friends on a mission to help people connect in empowering, creative ways.

Bright World Connections is where unique learners and teachers find each other. We push aside borders and barriers to provide creative programs for students, parents, teachers and even therapists. We believe that healing and growth through creativity is a personal journey.
Our education and background in therapy and teaching provides evidence-informed thinking but our focus is on YOU.

The Bright World Connections Mission

1. Make Education Accessible

Bright World Connections provides “restorative and developmental enrichment” opportunities for students, parents, and educators through virtual, center-based, or hybrid models. We are shifting from today's educational and medical models  that focus on documentation and  data.  Our economical enrichment opportunities focus wholeheartedly on YOU.

2. Growing, Healing, Learning, Creating

Restorative and developmental enrichment methods are mindful, intuitive, innovative, kind, and focused on YOU. Our guided creative groups or individual sessions balance flexibility with structure . We align talented and experienced teachers and therapists with like-minded learners.  

Not a replacement, not a substitution, not better than traditional methods, but something different. We focus on creative or personal development with the flexibility to respond to the priorities that spark joy and empowerment in our learners. Because YOU know YOU better than we do!

3. Grow a Community

Bright World Connections offers moderated creative groups and topic-driven discussion opportunities. Led by experienced teachers and therapists, our goal is a safe place for learning and sharing.

Virtually or in person, on location in one of our facilities or yours, we want you to feel at home.

Grow your career!
Start learning with Academy.

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Our Courses

Meet Our Teachers

Building connections all around the World. I thought it would be cool to put our state and country.

All teachers

Dr. Sandra Bostwick


Sandra Bostwick is a life-long learner who continually searches for creative and empowering activities that bring growth, joy, healing, and empowerment to life. Restorative and Developmental Enrichment is the next step in Sandra’s development both as a giver and a receiver.

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Kenyani Shanai Henderson


Kenyani Shanai Henderson began her career as Occupational Therapist (OT) in 2014 at Genesis HealthCare Westfield Center, sub-acute and long-term care facility.

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Taina Bey


She studied contemporary and somatic dance in Berlin, Germany and performed in residency with Pilobolus Dance Theater.

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